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Greecropped-2015-02-13-15-00-41-2.jpgns N Goodness offers a small membership-based buying club for those interested in discounted group purchases of organic produce, raw and vegan specialty foods, and other natural living products to support a healthy whole foods lifestyle.

Email or use the contact form on this site and send us your name, email you would like to use for the group email list, address and contact phone. Once you are added to the list, you will receive an email with details about how to get started. You will be able to place TWO orders before having to pay the membership fee, just to make sure the group is a good fit for you and your buying needs.


Mark-Up:  There is a 10% mark-up above wholesale on all orders to cover admin fees.

Membership Fee: $20 One-Time Fee
Your membership fee entitles you to participate in any group orders posted to the group. However, there is no ordering requirement or order minimum amount. Order what you want, when you want. However, if you are not active on the email list or do not make a purchase for a full year, you will be considered an inactive member, and removed from the list.

Late Pick-Up Fee
You are responsible for the amount of your order, paid in full at time of pick-up.  There are scheduled pick-up times.  If you do not pick-up your order on time, you are still responsible for the full cost of your order.  For perishable items, after 48 hours, if your order has not been picked up, it will be discarded or redistributed, and you will be billed for the full cost, plus a $5 admin fee.  So, please pick up your orders during scheduled times, or make prior arrangements.

If you have chosen to leave the group, or have been removed after one year of making no purchases or being inactive on the group email list, you will be removed from the group, but are welcome to rejoin at anytime.

Payments can be made by cash, check or PayPal. PayPal includes an additional 3% fee.

One of the benefits of a buying club is group purchasing power. Splitting larger quantities of a product provides the opportunity of discounted prices and greater availability of products, as well.

When an order is open, it will be posted to the group membership list. If you would like to order, go to the ordering page and place your initial order. You will notice many products are “splits,” meaning that in order for the product to be purchased the whole case (ie. 40 pounds of apples) needs to be filled. You would enter the amount you would like (ie. 10 pounds of apples), and if other members help fill the case, the product is ordered and divided at delivery.

Update notices will be sent over the next few days after the initial order is posted. Prior to the order closing, you check back with your order (basket) on the ordering system and finalize your choices. For example, if the 40 pound case of apples was at 38 pounds, you might decide to fill the extra 2, if you really want the apples to be ordered. If not, you may decide to leave your original amount, understanding that the product may not make the final cut for the order.

After the order closes, email updates will be sent regarding product changes and delivery information.

On the day of delivery, pick-ups will usually be in the evening, after we have sorted all the orders and updated the invoices. When you come to pick-up, we will go over your order, take payment and email you an invoice.

Pick-ups are in North Hagerstown.

The primary focus of Greens N Goodness is to provide availability of organic produce that may not be available locally, and to facilitate support for a healthy, whole foods, plant-based diet. We order from several distributors, including local growers, when possible.

Payments are due at pick-up.  You can pay cash or check, or if you’d like to send payment by PayPal (from your computer or mobile device or with a credit/debit card at pick-up) there is an additional 3% fee.

Additionally, we order products from:
Natural Zing
Blue Mountain Organics
Wilderness Family Naturals
Wilderness Poets
Various other specialty vendors