Greens N Goodness is about the lifelong process of self-discovery, seeking balance with food (greens) and all the other elements of life (goodness) that “nourish” us, too. Our social connections, creative outlets, emotional state, physical body, living environment, and our connection to spirit/the natural world are all as important to our overall well-being as the food we choose to consume. Taking a holistic approach to health, recognizing how intimately interconnected all these parts of our lives are, is what “Greens N Goodness” means to me. The creative potential of life is what inspires me to keep working on myself, maintaining an open mind and looking for the best in others. It is truly our life’s work to bring all the elements of wellness into balance to realize our own full potential and help others do the same.


As a mid-life mom and personal growth enthusiast, I enjoy adding an element of creativity to life’s routines by sharing the stories and insights that define my experience.   I focus on connection, creativity, vegan lifestyle & wellness related topics.  Whether it be parenting and relationship challenges, my pursuit of balance, food adventures or just pushing the boundaries of my own self-awareness, it’s all more fun with this outlet for expression and sharing with the beautiful, compassionate people of the Internet.  An idea not shared, is like a flower not watered; it cannot grow.  Thank you for watering my flowers!

“You really exist only when you’re in a field sharing and exchanging information.    You create the realities you inhabit.”   ―   Timothy Leary.