About Me

Can you imagine feeling clearer, more connected and inspired on your plant-based path?


  • choose foods that align with your ethics, support your health and make you feel great
  • feel more empowered, creative and inspired on your plant-based journey
  • have a greater sense of purpose surrounding your lifestyle choices, building conscious community, soulful connections and deepening your own self-awareness and sense of wellbeing.


  • you’re not feeling great; more like the plot for your health and wellness story has taken an unexpected turn, so, you are wandering along, missing opportunities for connection and purpose, and, losing faith in a happy ending.


  • right now, you are consistently making food choices that don’t jive with your ideals or support your health.
  • Your sense of purpose and philosophical outlook seem to be challenged everywhere you turn.
  • And, you are feeling misguided on your path, lacking the support and resources you need to move forward.

I Know How You Feel

My name is Tara Petite, and I’m a plant-based wellness coach for compassionate health-seekers who want to align their values and food choices, be the author of their own health and wellness story, and prioritize feeling nourished in mind, body & spirit. In 2015, I completed my graduate degree in Health and Wellness Coaching from The Maryland University of Integrative Health, which further inspired me to apply my experience to helping others along their unique paths.

As long-term vegan myself, having overcome my own health challenges and roadblocks on this dietary path, I enjoy supporting fellow plant-based health-seekers that want to:

  • “Eat like they give a damn,” and find balance with food without dieting, unsustainable routines, or feeling “restricted” in their lifestyle choices.
  • Shift their mindset to one of abundance, rather than the restrictive “I can’t have that, it’s not vegan” mentality.
  • Take ownership of their dietary and lifestyle choices with purpose and intention, redefining nourishment to encompass mind, body and spirit.
  • AND, create a community of like-minded people with whom to share their journey.

Because, when you feed yourself consciously and with a focus on compassion, your self-worth, relationships and spiritual connection will reflect that intention, giving deeper purpose to your choices as you create your plant-inspired life!

When you work with me, you’ll be able to tap into years of experience on a plant-based diet, having overcome health challenges, social obstacles, and the ins and outs of raising children on a vegan diet. My experiences have allowed me to find greater balance and self-love, giving me wisdom, compassion and an enthusiasm for helping others use their food choices as a platform for self-awareness.

As we work together I will help you shine light on those areas of your own dietary journey as it relates to your overall wellness. I will encourage you to ask tough questions, yet be gentle with yourself. I will play muse to your own creative impulse to craft a passionate, empowered, purposeful and inspiring story for yourself, using your dietary choices as a tool for self-exploration.

And, by the time our co-creative venture is done, you will feel more in alignment with your ideals, poised as an advocate for yourself and animals, armed with a strong belief in the possibility of change. You will have gained a greater understanding of the spectrum of nourishment, of which, food is just a small part. And, lastly, you will feel inspired to continue creating your wellness journey with a new cast of supporting characters and ideas that will enrich your story, be a joy to write, and inspire others, too!

So, if you are ready to navigate the uncharted territory of your wellness journey, moving towards consciousness and clarity, contact me and let me be your guide!