Greens N Goodness has been a container for growth and connection around lifestyle, community & natural foods, evolving many years ago from a local natural foods buying club to a creative collective to explore ideas with friends through potlucks, classes and social meetups. 

Today, Greens N Goodness continues to encourage connection and sharing around the lifelong process of self-discovery, seeking balance with food (greens) and all the other elements of life (goodness) that “nourish” us, too. 

Community is a vital part of wellness.  Sharing ideas, stories, resources and inspiration can make the journey towards greater balance more meaningful for ourselves and others, as well.  In today’s screen-focused world, we can feel isolated from community, but we can use our virtual world as a tool to help connect us with like-minded people and community in the real world, too!


Our social connections, creative outlets, emotions, physical body, living environment, and our connection to the natural world are all as important to our overall well-being as the food we choose to consume. 

Taking a holistic approach to health, recognizing how intimately interconnected all these parts of our lives are, is what “Greens N Goodness” is all about.


The FDA considers the term “natural” to be a food that does not contain any “artificial or synthetic” ingredients or color additives. Most people think of natural foods as “real food,” as opposed to “processed food.” 

Of course, not all processing is bad.  Science and technology have allowed us to “process” foods, like oats, grains, nuts, seeds and beans, making them more readily accessible and affordable to the average household.  Yet, these foods are close to their original state, do not contain any additives and have not been ultra-processed to the point of retaining little to none of their original nutritive value. 

Here at Greens N Goodness, we focus on vegan options in the natural food world, and enjoy exploring new food, personal care and household products.



The Wellness Wheel is one tool we can use to help us focus in on the areas of our health and wellness that need attention.  With this new awareness we are better equipped to seek out the resources and support we need to bring ourselves into better balance. 

What does your wellness wheel look like?

“You really exist only when you’re in a field sharing and exchanging information.  You create the realities you inhabit.”   ―   Timothy Leary.